Tom Hiddleston's Nutty Fangirls Get Loki'd By Fake Thor Twitter, Hiddles Apologises

On Sept. 13, 2012, fans of actor Tom Hiddleston (who portrays trickster god Loki in "Thor") received word via Twitter account @Thor2themovie that the following day, "Thor: The Dark World" set photos of Tom Hiddleston would be released. Hiddleston, who has a notable following of female fans identifying themselves as both 'Hiddles' Army' and 'Loki's Army,' tweeted nothing official about the subject on the 13th.

However, word spread quickly, especially on Twitter and Tumblr. The news seemed believable after pictures of "Thor: The Dark World" star Chris Hemsworth surfaced earlier in the week. Many Tumblr users posted that they were staying home from school or work just to see the photos, and there was a great deal of excitement about it within the fandom.

However, Sept. 14 arrived with no Loki pictures. Instead, @Thor2themovie (the now-deactivated Twitter account that posted the 'original news') offered only a message to fans saying that they'd been Loki'd. Many fans expressed disappointment and one blogger even apologized for her inadvertent spreading of such a large rumor. (and to no one's surprise, Hiddles apologised via twitter for something that was not his fault....again)

the rest is tl;dr about how not to end up Loki'd by Twitter, aka basic shit that ontd already knowsCollapse )

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