DC Announces Digital ARROW Comic Book Tie-In To Be Released This October

Set to be released on the same day as Arrow premieres on the CW, DC Comics have announced plans for a digital comic book series based on the TV show by writers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg.

According to Comic Book Resources, DC will launch a digital comic book series based on new CW show Arrow this October. Priced at $0.99 an issue, it will debut on October 10th - the same day as the series premiere - and will be written by executive producers, showrunners and comic scribes Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg with art from legendary artist Mike Grell and later Sergio Sandoval and Jorge Jimenez. The series will sell at $0.99 a chapter online, while monthly print editions collecting several installments will start on November 28th for $3.99.

"We've been working like mad," Guggenheim told the site about balancing work on the TV series and comic book. "It was a little while after the free comic we co-wrote with Geoff Johns for San Diego Comic-Con [when DC approached us]. We loved the idea because (a) we love comics and (b) we sensed the opportunity to do something that struck us both as unprecedented. We come up with a lot of stories in the writers room, but only have 42 minutes each week to tell them. That leaves a lot of story and backstory left over that we like having the opportunity to tell. To our knowledge, nothing's ever been attempted on a scale like this before."

"The first chapter is especially exciting -- and not just because Mike Grell drew it. We took a moment directly from the second episode, then flashforward throughout the story to key moments from future episodes. So the first chapter is a great way to get a little preview of what we have up our sleeves on the show," he adds. "For my part as a writer, I don't think doing a comic tie-in is worthwhile unless it relates to the story being told in the movie or television series. That's just my philosophy. I think if you don't make the tie-in a literal one, then you're just wasting a great and exciting opportunity."

Source / Comic Book Resources