Five Deleted Scenes From Johnny Depp's DARK SHADOWS

Dark Shadows has been considered one of the bigger disappointments this year. The budget, minus marketing, is said to have been around $150 million. Domestically, the film struggled, only pulling in $79 million total, and that's with an $29 million opening weekend. It hit theaters just after The Avengers and some believe that lead to its struggles as many films underperformed in the blockbuster's wake. Internationally, the numbers were fairly lackluster for a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp film, with only $156.8 million. Overall Dark Shadows is not a flop, but it's also not a success.

"Dr Hoffman and Elizabeth Discuss Barnabas"

"Carolyn and Victoria"

"Police Warn Willie and Barnabas"

"Dr Hoffman Offers Victoria Help"

"David and Barnabas Discuss Dinosaurs"

DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates
United States: October 2nd
UK/IRE: October 11th
Germany: September 21st
France: September 12th
Australia: September 26th
Japan: October 3rd
Denmark: September 18th
Sweden: September 19th