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Dan on set of The F Word...

The BBFC revealed that all four episodes of Daniel Radcliffe's miniseries 'A Young Doctor's Handbook' will roughly be around 22-23 minutes long, and the last three given a 15 rating for "grisly images, strong sex and hard drug use". The full list is here. The series will debut in December though no specific date and time has been revealed.The series is listed as both a black comedy and a drama.

Episode one - rated 12 for moderate medical gore; 23m 22s long
Episode two - rated 15 for very strong medical gore; 22m 2s long
Episode three - rated 15 for grisly images, strong sex and hard drug use; 23m 21s long
Episode fiour - rated 15 for strong sex, gore and hard drug use; 24m 14s long

BTS of Doctor's

Someone working on the set of The F Word posted on Tumblr:

Finally met Daniel Radcliffe!

So yesterday I finally met Daniel Radcliffe. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. At first, I was shocked at how little he is. He is only about 5’3’ and super cute, even more beautiful in person. He is very natural talented with acting, and super funny. He is the most humbled celebrity actor I have met to date, and he is extremely outgoing and friendly with everyone he meets. He even bought me a drink on set! Fun fact: He likes to roll his own cigarettes, and actually smoked about every 5 minutes. He is super A.D.D. and never stops fidgeting or moving around. It was great to actually meet and converse with my childhood hero.

In other news, Dan, who is a long-time supporter of The Trevor Project, will be taking part in a live web chat on Sunday, 16th September at 2pm EST (7pm BST).