Mama June's signature sketti sauce

Mama June's signature sketti sauce, which she showed us all how to make on last night's very special Top Chef: Trailer Parker episode of soon-to-be Television Hall of Fame inductee Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!

When Mama June's backyard cooler is fresh out of ground roadkill meat, she feeds her family one of their favorite gourmet dishes: sketti noodles covered with a delicious butter and ketchup sauce. With her sous chef Julia Honey Boo Boo Child at her side, Mama June mixed half-a-tub of Country Crock with a lot of ketchup and melted it in the microwave until it smelled and looked like what came out during Paula Deen's inaugural menstrual cycle. Throw a bag of white bread from the Wonder Bread outlet on the table and dinner is served!

One of my favorite things to eat as a kid that's still one of my favorite things to NOM NOM on is spaghetti noodles drowned in butter and a full thing of Kraft grated parmesan cheese. Just like me, it's easy, greasy and will leave you feeling farty in your stomach bag. But even though sluts always scream at me to try it with Heinz, I never have. Thanks to the culinary genius of Mama June, I'm totally going to broaden my gourmet palate by trying it with Heinz and I'm totally going to serve it with my piece of my trash nachos (Nabisco saltines with melted Kraft singles on top) and garlic bread (a toasted hot dog bun dipped in melted butter and rolled in garlic salt).

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