And The Winner of America's Got Talent 2012 Is......


The final six ‘America’s Got Talent’ acts came together Sept. 13 for one final battle — but who was left standing? After what seemed like a never-ending season of blood, sweat and talent, a winner — or should I say winners — was crowned on America’s Got Talent. So which act eventually won the $1 million prize and will be headlining a show in Las Vegas? Drumroll please… Olate Dogs! That’s right — the mind-blowing, adorable, high-flying canine acrobats are going to Vegas! The rest of the contestants were eliminated one-by-one throughout the hour, in the following order:

6. The Untouchables

5. Joe Castillo

4. David Garibaldi & The CMYKs

3. William Close (I wasn’t the only one bummed. Sharon Osbourne cried, then promised William that Simon Cowell would do “great things” for him. It was kind of weird, actually.

2. Tom Cotter

Well damn I'm happy for them I guess. I never thought an animal act could win but first time for everything and I guess they do fit a Vegas show. I really wanted Tom Cotter to win though. I'm glad it wasn't a singer/musician.

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