Is it okay for 25-year-old Allie Hagan to continue exploiting Suri Cruise?

The general press coverage of Suri Cruise is almost always over-the-top and inappropriate for a young child. Weekly tabloids are absolutely shameful when it comes to celeb kids coverage, with features like “Who Wore It Best?” for the pre-school set and analyzing their entire character based on one random paparazzi shot. Apparently, Allie Hagan is attempting to mock that horrible media culture with her blog and new book, “Suri’s Burn Book.”

The shtick has been going for over a year now with Hagan running pictures of random celeb tots and imagined commentary from a caricature of Suri Cruise. Recently, there was a picture of Harper and Victoria Beckham with the caption, “It won’t be long before Harper Beckham’s arms are thicker than her mom’s.”

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Interesting follow-up to this post. ONTD, how would you feel if someone was writing a blog posing as your child?