ONTD's Favorite Try-Hard Lena Dunham Chops Off Her Hair, Looks Like Michael Cera

Lena Dunham lobbed off her locks after a wrap party for season two of her hit HBO show "Girls" over the weekend in a move she jokingly referred to as being "Miley'd."

"I Miley'd the sh-t out of this Saturday," she wrote along with a photo of herself showing off her newly shorn hair.

In an interview with Fashionista.com, the young TV writer explained that she was feeling impulsive after the show's season came to a close, and wanted to try something "radical."

"I finished shooting and I just had this moment where I thought that I could be... You know you always sort of dream you could be that girl who makes that radical choice, and (then you) look at your reflection on the subway and be like, 'I kind of look like a boy. Whatever, it's cool,'" she told the fashion site.

"So, I am embarrassed to say because it sounds so trite, but I looked at a picture of Carey Mulligan and then just went for it, but no one is doing it better than her so why not?"

Earlier this summer, other starlets like Miley Cyrus, Rihana and Anne Hathaway similarly took scissors to their long locks, favoring shorter dos.

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