Watch 2 songs from Michael Jackson's BAD TOUR DVD!! (plus more!)

Here are 2 full songs from the upcoming Live At Wembley DVD (available Sept. 18th as standalone DVD or part of the 3 CD/DVD deluxe BAD 25th Anniversary package).


Another Part Of Me

Human Nature

In addition to these 2 videos, snippets of the demo's featured on the 2nd CD are out:

Song Groove (aka Abortion Papers)
Al Capone (early Smooth Criminal demo)
Price Of Fame
I'm So Blue
Don't Be Messin' Around

One of the 3 new remixes featured on the 2nd CD. Nero Remix of "Speed Demon"

And the TV spot


There was a lot of speculation on what the quality was going to be on this, since they sourced the video from an old VHS tape (as they can't find the master U-Matic tape for this particular show), but this shows the picture quality is definitly enjoyable! And the audio is perfect (they had the multi-tracks to mix and master)!

FYI 1: The live CD is edited (they had to condense the 2 hour show to 80 minutes to fit). So I'll just be ripping the DVD audio to MP3. Just sayin'!)

FYI 2: Target is selling the 2 CD version with a DVD of all of the BAD music videos (this doesn't include the live CD or live DVD)

FYI 3: Walmart is selling a package that includes a BAD t-shirt.

FYI 4: This package does not include Spike Lee's documentary "BAD 25". That is going to air in the U.S. on ABC on Thanksgiving (DVD/Blu Ray on Feb 2013 with loads more material).