Guess Who!


So I went to see Conor at the 105.7 interview with two of my friends, gaga and Kara. We got there kinda early to get a good spot since he was answering questions and performing. It was supposed to start at 7 so we got there around 5:45 and there was a bunch of people there already. We chilled with some cool girls who had come all the way from Georgia (wow!).

Anyways, they let us in at around 6:30 and at 6:45 they let us know that he was going to be late because of traffic. So we chilled around and waited but it was starting to get to 7:15 and he still wasn’t there so one of the radio guys ordered burritos (YUM!!!) as a ‘thank you for being patient’ gift. Conor was about 43 minutes late but omg I’m still having trouble hearing because everyone was so loud (I almost cried he was so cute in person and not old looking like in some pictures of him online welp, sorry Conor). He apologized for being late and sat down on the stool in front of us and immediately started answering some of the q/a online questions. He was super awkward but really, really sweet.

-One of the things he’s found a lot of American fans ask is to just talk in different accents and he really likes to use a Southern one, lol.
-He talked about his album and working with Ne-Yo and Frank Ocean. He looks up to them both and is thankful Ne-Yo gave him a chance. He performed a couple of songs from the album before security started letting people get things signed. Oh he covered starships and it was honestly so good. His closing performance was an acoustic take on Vegas Girl.

When my friends and I finally got up to him it was towards the end of the signing and he was answering some more fan questions so we asked him about what he loves about the US so far.
-Apparently, he loves Dunkin Donuts and Chipotle.
-We also asked about how he feels about being compared to JB all the time and he said he doesn’t like it because just because they were both found on youtube doesn’t make them the same person.
-He added that he thinks Selena is beautiful and Justin is really lucky lol.
-He talked a little about being glad One Direction is so successful because they’ve opened up a lot of doors for other British acts Stateside. We asked if he’s met them and he said in passing he’s met Niall and Louis and that Niall was really a chill guy and very funny. My friend is a big Louis fan so she asked about him but Conor just shrugged it off.
-I asked if he likes Katy Perry and if he’s met her (because they share a label) and he said he met her at her UK movie premiere and was lovely.

The security team started being assholes so he had to kind of push us aside for the girls behind us still. He thanked us for coming out to see him and that he can’t wait to see us on tour! He seems really thankful he’s got such a dedicated fanbase already. After he was done we waited by the exit and he changed and took some pictures with the fans!

tl;dr it was awesome!

My pic with him:

source: me! :)