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THIS IS A POST ABOUT Benedict Cumberbatch!!

Simpsons' exec on Cumberbatch role: 'He's completely irresistible'
The Sherlock star will play two roles in the Fox animated comedy's 24th season.

Jean joked that Cumberbatch had "muscled [his] way into being a guest star" in an interview with TVLine.

"He's really funny," Jean explained. "He came to a read, and we had a couple of things that he said, 'Hey, I could do those. Can I?' This was the first time someone actually just kinda muscled their way into being a guest star.

"He called us back and he said, 'You want me to do anything else?' - and we gave him a little more."

Jean went on to describe the Parade's End star as a "completely irresistible person".

"You must give him dialog if you come within 100 yards of him," he quipped.

The Simpsons returns to Fox on September 30 and airs on Sky1 in the UK.


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