Rita NOra filming new video in Kosovo

Singing sensation Rita Ora has achieved a whirlwind of success in the UK since storming the charts with her debut solo single RIP earlier this year.
But now the edgy 21-year-old has decided to go back to her roots – namely the city where she was born in Kosovo, to record her latest music video.

Rita was born in the capital city of Kosovo (then known as Yugoslavia), and moved to the UK when she was just one-year-old, growing up in West London.

The star is thought to want to help put her hometown firmly on the map by recording her latest video in the city.

Rita has been recording the video for her third UK solo single while visiting Pristina,
Shine Ya Light, and it is also thought she’ll play a concert while visiting the city.

She tweeted yesterday (Saturday): ‘I'm in kosovo!!! This is unbelievable. Best video shoot I've ever been on! Let's do this!’ (sic)

The video shows Rita wearing thigh-high leather boots whilst riding a motorcycle down the streets of Pristina.

Rita also wears a printed T-shirt with a sleeveless black leather jacket and her makeup shows off her trademark big red lips.

Rita looked smoking hot on set and appeared to be in her element while filming the video.

In the past Rita has spoken out about her home town and why being patriotic is so important to her.

She said: ‘I was born in a little city called Pristina which no one really knows about, so I’m proud to kind of put it on the map out there a little bit because we are a very patriotic country so we always try and mention us wherever we can because it’s such a great place.’
She added: ‘I think Kosovo as a nation - we’re very proud of where we’re from because it’s such a small place, so anyone that succeeds from there is just a big deal.’
Rita's debut album, Ora, was released last week.