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Disney Stars (& Others) Attend Paul Frank 'PowWow' Mocking Native Americans

Hundreds of offensive photos were uploaded to Paul Frank's Official Facebook page this weekend showcasing the Native American "themed" party or "PowWow celebrating Fashion's Night Out." 

Despite the uproar of disappointment from the Native American community, the Facebook page deleted the photos (much like Drew Barrymore did) and has yet to issue a statement-much like Drew Barrymore did. One Facebook user says, "As a Native American, I want you to understand that I am not a party theme."

Hollywood Reporter tried to make the event seem cute:

"Paul Frank celebrated Fashion’s Night Out with a neon-Native American powwow theme. Glow-in-the-dark war-painted employees in feather headbands and bow and arrows invited guests to be photographed on a mini-runway holding prop tomahawks. Christina Milian stopped in for her swag bag and a quick shoot with a couple of her friends. Extra features: a candy bar and a crafts table where staff handmade initial-studded Paul Frank coin purses on order for guests."

Disney Stars Zendaya Coleman and  Debby Ryan Are Modern Day Sacajawea and Pocahontas!

Teen Wolf's Holland Roden Aims For Fashion and Accessories and Backpacks!

Ashley Argota Singing With The Colors Of the Wind!

Daphne Blunt Ready To Scalp For Fashion!!

Debby Ryan, Zendaya Coleman, Holland Roden

Some Little Girls 

Vanessa Simmons ("Run's House") 

Ashlee Keating (I have no idea who this is but...) butt

Ashley Argota Points And Laughs At Headdresses! 

Christina Milian (Bring It On: Fight to the Finish) Dips It Low

Source of pictures because Facebook deleted all of theirs; Also, captions to the photos were written by me

UPDATE: The Paul Frank brand apologizes

Tags: disney, fashion, race / racism

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