Where Are They Now: Big Wolf on Campus Edition

Once upon a time, there was this little Canadian show called Big Wolf on Campus that at least half of ONTD seems to have watched. Since it's been 10 years since it was cancelled [insert Craigy Ferg style I KNOW right here], I figured it was as good a time as any to take a look into what the stars are doing now. Plus, you know, people asked.

Brandon Quinn (Tommy Dawkins)
Since BWOC, Brandon has popped up on just about every show on TV. Okay, not realy, but he's been in quite a few: Charmed, What I Like About You, Drake & Josh, The OC, Entourage, The Vampire Diaries... He also had a starring role in Lifetime's show Against the Wall which aired for 1 season late last year. He's also had starring roles in some direct-to-dvd movies. He did the voice of 'Owen Daniher' in LA Noire (video game) and is supposed to be doing voice work in another video game. Brandon was also in those "Around the World in 5 Weeks" or whatever commercials that Gillette did (they're all on youtube if you want to see them), and is in some Duracell commercial that has been airing somewhere recently.

Brandon met his wife, Rachel, while he was living in Montreal (where BWOC was filmed). They married at some point in the last 10 years; IMDB had said it was 2002 but now that's deleted so who knows if that's true or not. They have two kids, Chloe and Ezra.
Brandon's twitter

Danny Smith (Merton J. Dingle)
Danny was the lead singer for the band The City Drive from 2003-2009. It looks like he spent most of his time then focusing on his music, but has had some parts in made for tv movies - Discovery Channel's Deadliest Sea and Disney Channel's Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars. He also had a part in the Canadian vampire comedy Suck. Nowadays, Danny is doing voices on a new Teletoon (Canadian channel) show "Fugget About It" which premiered on Friday (Sept. 7th). It's about "a New York teen adjusts to life in Canada under the witness protection program."

No idea if he's married or anything (sorry x_brittacular!) but according to his Instagram he's living in Toronto and he describes himself as an actor/musician/visual artist. He was also as appalled as we were over the engagement of Chavril.
Instagram: dannysmithx

Aimée Castle (Lori Baxter)
Ignore IMDB and their useless information. Aimée has worked since BWOC ended. She mostly does voiceover work now in TV and commercials, and has done some audio book narration. Most recently, Aimée did voice work for Ice Age: Continental Drift and the latest Hitman video game. Based on stuff she's posted on Twitter it also looks like she works for etalk (Canadian entertainment news show), but I can't find anything that confirms this.

Aimée got married a couple of months ago, so congrats to her! Seriously, the second search suggestion for her on google is "aimee castle wedding." That's a little weird, but whatever. She's also a big Habs fan.
Aimée's twitter
Aimée's website

Rachelle Lefevre (Stacey Hanson)
Rachelle has had some success after she left BWOC. She was in this little movie called Twilight and it's sequel New Moon as Victoria, the main villain. You've probably never heard of them; most people haven't and they weren't very successful or anything. Rachelle has also had starring roles in Off the Map and A Gifted Man. Next year she'll be in the Channing Tatum movie White House Down.
Rachelle's twitter

Domenic Di Rosa & Rob deLeeuw (Tim & Travis Eckert aka TnT)
Domenic (Tim) hasn't really done anything afterwards aside from a small part in a Canadian mini-series and a small part in a Canadian movie.

Rob (Travis) has had parts in some TV shows, including Supernatural (he was in Mystery Spot, IMDB doesn't say who he was though) and Rookie Blue. He's also had parts in a bunch of Canadian movies. He is the one with the current picture, fyi.

Jack Mosshammer (Dean Dawkins)
After BWOC, Jack had a part on the Canadian TV series Train 48. He also taught at The Second City's LA Training Center. It looks like he is now living in Toronto and teaching at/performing with a few theater companies.

Random facts:
  • After Big Wolf ended, Brandon and Danny starred in a movie together called The Bail (or Fizzy Bizness) but it was either only released in New Zealand or nowhere at all. The internet is very confused about this.
  • At the end of the episode "Switch Me Baby One More Time" [3x18], Tommy says he will be talking to 'Terry Swierenga.' Swierenga is Brandon Quinn's real last name.
  • Danny Smith wrote and performed the show's theme song

  • Rachelle Lefevre left BWOC to go to college, which was the explanation for her character's depature from Pleasantville
  • Brandon Quinn was allergic to the original werewolf makeup which is why it looks so different after the pilot episode and 2 other random episodes in season 1

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    Source Me and my awesome research skills. Oh and I guess IMDB, Wikipedia, Twitter, a BWOC fan site, & Google helped.