His Last Bow: Benedict Cumberbatch Finished With Sherlock??

BENEDICT Cumberbatch’s next outing as Sherlock Holmes on our screens could be his last, Day & Night learns.

The actor, who has won plaudits for his portrayal of the legendary sleuth alongside co-star Martin Freeman as Watson, will commence filming a third series of the hit BBC show early next year.

However, with both Cumberbatch, 36, and Freeman, 41 today, now enjoying flourishing film careers, there are no plans for further episodes beyond that, with insiders admitting that the forthcoming series is likely to be the actors’ final outing in the famous roles.

“Benedict and Martin love Sherlock. It’s been fabulous for both of them but it’s a question of schedules,” we are told.

“They will no doubt be signing off in style.”

The two have also been working together of late in New Zealand on the new Hobbit trilogy. While Freeman has the lead role of Bilbo Baggins, Cumberbatch plays the dragon Smaug.



I hope it just ends with him passing a torch to Jonny Lee Miller. :|