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Carey covers AnOther Magazine

Actress Carey Mulligan says she is having “the worst anxiety dreams” over the new Baz Luhrmann adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

Mulligan, 27, said she had dreamed that she was “tottering around drunk” doing an EastEnders impression as she watched a screening of the movie.

The London-born star of Drive and An Education plays American socialite Daisy Buchanan in the new version of F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.

And speaking in AnOther magazine, Mulligan said: “Gatsby is the biggest film I’ve been in. It would be quite bad if I was terrible.” But she revealed it had been a very happy film to work on during the three-month shoot in Australia — partly because of the influence of Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays the title role and walked on the set in a good mood “every day”.

She said: “The most famous person on set sets the tone for how everyone behaves. If Leonardo DiCaprio is being lovely and working really hard, then No 15 on the call sheet can’t be a dick.”

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