Blind Items!

1. This is about a couple — Mr and Mrs Celebrity. Very famous. Rather wealthy. Sprinkled with stardust. Theirs is a long and enduring marriage. But when they met there was one major obstacle: Mr Celebrity was married. However, the wife-in-waiting was impatient and very keen to become Mrs Celebrity. Somehow, just by chance, the inconvenient first wife came across some rather interesting pictures. This all happened a long time ago, but folks back home spread it around that Mr Celebrity and the wife-in-waiting had made sure that the first wife had graphic evidence of their relationship, thus precipitating a divorce. And so Mr & Mrs Celebrity married and lived happily ever after. The Morton Report
My Guess: Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw, and Amy Irving

2. With Mr & Mrs VIP … there appears to have been a truce. After wildfire separation rumours, Mr VIP started to be nice about Mrs VIP, even though she skipped yet another event she should have attended. Then they went on holiday together. At least they were photographed together — which is not quite the same thing as actually being together… The Morton Report
My Guess: the Beckhams

3. This actress has been keeping a really low profile this summer. That’s because she is recovering from a face lift. While we are not shocked that a Hollywood actress is getting plastic surgery, we are a bit surprised that this actress is getting her first lift done at such a young age. We haven’t seen her yet, but we hear that the work was “pretty extensive”, that she looks “different” but “not bad”, and that her husband “approves”. Blind Gossip
My Guess: for some reason I'm thinking Emily Blunt, but she hasn't exactly been super low key. This is a tricky one!

4. Which singer needs to curb her use of crack? This lady needs to look after that voice! Daily Mirror
My Guess: I feel like this is hinting at Xtina (this lady = Lady Marmalade, that voice = the voice) but I'm doubtful. She'd be the fattest crackhead I've ever seen. No disrespect, curves are beautiful, etc, I'm just saying that you don't see a lot of fat crackheads. Normally they're UNDERweight.

Have a lovely day.