Fan Threatens Mass Murder Plot Over Nick Jonas


A fan by the name "madamenickjonas" has caused a stir on twitter and youtube recently with threats of a mass murder plot to take place at the Jonas Brothers Radio City concert in October. These threats have been tweeted constantly for many months, but have now garnered worldwide attention following the release of a threat video inspired by the Saw films.  



In addition to this disturbing video which has panicked Jonas fans threatening to contact authorities, madamenickjonas has tweeted numerous murder threats involving celebrities that are associated with her self-proclaimed "love of her life" Nick Jonas, including ex-girlfriends Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Delta Goodrem and friends Demi Lovato, Maya Kibbel, Zayn Malik (?) and Kendall Jenner. Nick's family members and fans have also been threatened with extremely violent, detailed acts.

Madamenickjonas has a website where she has laid out explicit and detailed plans on how she intends to attack at the Radio City show in October and how she would torture Nick's family and friends. Below is a screencap of just one of many posts threatening violence to various young celebrities related to the Jonas clan.

These are just a few of many examples of madamenickjonas's threats. More can be seen on her twitter account and her website. 

Fans of the Jonas Brothers have threatened to contact authorities, but so far there has been no public acknowledgement of these threats from the Jonas camp.

madamenickjonas's Twitter
madamenickjonas's Website

Apologies if this is difficult to read. I am in a hurry but I'm disturbed and appalled by these threats, hoax or not, and thought it needed to be posted.