Florence Welch dumps boyfriend to concentrate on career

His Dog Days are over: the intense and sensual relationship is over

She found love again with the public educated James Nesbitt after splitting from her long-term boyfriend - but now it seems his Dog Days are over too as Florence Welch has spectacularly ditched her beau 'to concentrate on her career'.

Sources revealed the singer's gruelling work schedule was getting in the way of the pair's 15-month romance and as the 26-year-old singer prepares for her American tour she just decided 'enough was enough.'

It was thought the pair would go the distance after they went travelling to Brazil, Australia and New Zealand just after meeting at a photoshoot.

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They were seen in Rio de Janeiro getting cosy with Florence snuggling up to events organiser James, who shares his name with a rather well-known Irish actor.

But pals say what was once an intense and passionate relationship has cooled. Florence, right, has not been seen with James since she attended a party with him on June 6.

A friend told the Sunday Mirror: 'Flo knows she really needs to concentrate on her career and couldn't really give the relationship the time it needed to work. So they split.'

The pair met through mutual friends in east London on a photoshoot where Hull-born James was working.

And a source close to the pair said: 'They have a lot of mutual friends and like going out to the same places. They have been inseparable since they got together. There's no way they'd travel halfway around the world together if they weren't serious.'

James is no stranger to a celebrity romance, he previously dated Radio 1 host Fearne Cotton and Paloma Faith.
Florence dropped hints about her relationship status last month, even revealing she harbours a ‘massive girl crush’ for pop singer M.I.A.

‘You miss actual intimacy and home and connection,’ she said when talking about touring, adding that she finds nights away ‘really hard’.

Before dating James, Florence had ended a three-year relationship with literary editor Stuart Hammond.

James’s mother Anne recently spoke of his former relationships with DJ Fearne Cotton and singer Paloma Faith, saying: ‘Both didn’t work out as they drifted apart.’

A spokesman for Florence was unavailable for comment.

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