Nick Cannon is jealous of Lenny Kravitz's friendship with the Queen

Mariah Carey has come to blows with husband Nick Cannon! Cannon is apparently furious that Carey wants Lenny Kravitz to join her as a judge on American Idol.

"Mariah and Lenny have been friends since they were young," a source said. "They had a crush on each other, and all their friends knew it. Mariah told Nick to relax because Lenny probably wouldn't even consider doing the show. But Nick told her, 'That's not the point! I know how you feel about him!' Mariah assured Nick that she and Lenny are just good friends, but Nick's not so sure."

Recent reports claimed Nick - who hosts Idol rival America's Got Talent - is furious that the 42-year-old Grammy winner ignored his wishes and decided to star on a direct competitor of his show.

"Privately, Nick's gritting his teeth and dead-set against her taking the job," a source said. "Nick was tossing around outrageous salary figures in hopes of pricing Mariah out of the market. Right until the eleventh hour, he was begging her to pass on the offer. He was dangling incentives - diamond jewelry, a luxurious spa vacation, even promising to pay her a one-time 'gift' of $15 million for saying no. Nick wants her to be a stay-at-home mom to their twins, at least until they turn 5. He was even hoping to have another baby, but Mariah has effectively scorched that dream."

Mimi sis, shake off that man child and jump on dat Lenny diq tbqh...