New British sitcom "Citizen Khan" About British-Pakistani Family Is Offensive/Racist/Stereotypical

Is Citizen Khan offensive? Yes, and not because of its treatment of religion but because it patronises its audience by flogging dead jokes and dumb stereotypes. It is offensive for parading as a shiny new comedy when its biggest failure is its lack of originality and wit, which, you’d think, would be a pre-requisite for any new comedy series.

That it is a ‘Muslim’ comedy, dealing in such freighted motifs as the Koran, the hijab and the interior of a mosque, is not its crime. This could have marked its boldness – to take on such subjects in our politically-charged times and turn them into cutting-edge comedy that has something relevant, even provocative, to say. Chris Morris’s satire, Four Lions, was all about ‘Muslims’ – suicide bombers, no less – and all the British Muslims I spoke to, including the former Guantanamo detainee, Moazzam Begg, found it funny. Who can remember it being described as offensive?

smh. But I have to give some credit to the U.K. for trying. I doubt the U.S. would EVER dedicate an entire sitcom to a Pakistani family, at least not in this ~post-racial society~.