Prince Harry: Michael Phelps Warned Ryan Lochte

After seeing what the media has put fellow Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps through, Ryan Lochte took some advice from the record breaking phenom to heart and passed it along to Prince Harry just before his ‘Lost Weekend’ naked weekend in Las Vegas happened.

The advice to Prince Harry from Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte via Michael Phelps was simple; “Watch every move you make.” Obviously the royal one wishes he had followed that closer before playing strip billiards in the Las Vegas Hotel thinking that security would protect him from the internet. It’s a different time now, and it just shows that Vegas can’t keep a clamp down anymore on someone taking a quick photo of a celebrity in a less flattering moment and uploading it to the web or worse, making some money with TMZ.

Ryan Lochte obviously heeded the message from swimming phenom Phelps as he wisely chose to steer clear of the naked billiards or he more than likely would have jumped right in on the action keeping his media attention on high alert. His weekend birthday party where he showed up in different Speedos got plenty of attention, but his team began clamping down after it was looking like the press was ready to turn at any moment which could have nixed his Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars deals.

Lochte said that Phelps let him know that with every success, the press will quickly pick up interest to where it becomes ravenous very quickly. Then when you are basking and feeling safe, something will happen and they’ll turn on you. This is something that the 2012 London Olympic Games history maker knows a lot about. He went through the famous ‘bong’ photo and the tide quickly turned on his. Then shorts after this years Olympics occurred, rumors swirled around his Vuitton ad campaign leaking early, and some media almost seemed gleeful that he would lose his 2012 earned medals rendering his history making moot. Now after the Enquirer claimed that he’s got a gambling problem, news outlets are reporting whenever he goes to Atlantic City or anywhere that gambling could take place.

Harry has shut down his Facebook account and for the foreseeable won’t be seen in much more than places like the Well Child Awards ceremony in London on September 3. Lochte is now being seen in photos holding rescued puppies and you can be sure he’ll be talking about looking for the right lady on Anderson Cooper Live when he sits down on his couch. He got his party time, but the team around him and Harry will be watching much closer and following Michael Phelps words like a newfound religion.