Netflix to release new season of 'Arrested Development' next spring!

We’re getting ever-so-much-closer to an actual date of the Bluths’ return. Netflix confirmed today that the long-awaited fourth season of beloved cult comedy Arrested Development, which was cancelled by Fox in 2006will be unveiled next spring. Which means we’ve now narrowed down the release date from a year (2013) to a season (spring 2013!). Final third of March? April? May? First two-thirds of June? We’re coming for you next.

Tidbits of info about the rebooted series are beginning to leak out. Two weeks ago, series star Jason Bateman tweeted a photo from the first day of shooting, while yesterday his castmate David Cross told Rolling Stone the new season is ‘audacious and amazing’ and said that it would stretch 13 episodes instead of the previously announced 10 because “there’s too much story.” A Netflix spokesperson, however, would only say that Arrested‘s fourth season will consist of “at least 10 episodes.”