Your Robsten fanfic from Us Weekly w/extra melodrama

Kristen Can't Stop Crying

No sleep, late-night calls and emotional exhaustion. Tortured by regret, Stewart is desperate for Robert Pattinson to take her back.

The nights are hardest for Kristen Stewart. Whether staying at her parents’ home in L.A.’s Woodland Hills or holing up at her best girlfriend Scout Taylor-Compton’s place over in Burbank, California, the Twilight star lies awake torturing herself over the mess she’s made of her life. “She isn’t sleeping and she stays up all night crying,” says one source of the actress, whose relationship with Robert Pattinson exploded after Us exposed her affair with married director Rupert Sanders, 41. “She’s close to a total meltdown.” Adds another insider, “She can’t do anything. She is really so distraught.”

Her one ray of hope is that Pattinson, 26, can finally stomach listening to her apologies after shutting her out for weeks. “They are talking,” says the insider of Pattinson, fresh off a Cosmopolis PR tour marked by a gentlemanly refusal to say a single word against Stewart, 22. “Rob doesn’t hate her and he’s not mad,” says the insider. “He just doesn’t get why she did it.” The question plagues him even as he keeps his cool through awkward interviews. Add the insider, “He loves her and thinks about her constantly.”

Her Broken World
As Pattinson tried to distract himself by spending time with friends in New York City – hitting up the Cabin Down Below club and the Bowery Hotel bar August 16 – Stewart has completely withdrawn. “She’ll beg Scout to come over in the middle of the night so she’s not alone,” says a pal. “Or she’ll cry on Scout’s couch for hours.”

Even that is no refuge: Stewart has to endure sickeningly sweet moments between Taylor-Compton and her boyfriend, Glee hottie Samuel Larsen, who constantly leave love notes for each other. “Kristen sees their relationship as perfect, and she envies that,” says the pal. “Scout wants them back together and tells her, ‘Time heals all wounds.’”

Easy to say. But to help her case with Pattinson, Stewart has laid everything bare bare in their anguished conversations. According to the insider, Stewart insists she and Sanders “never had sex,” and that the Snow White and the Huntsman director pursued her. “Rupert’s manipulative,” says the insider. “She didn’t go after this guy – he sought her out and she stupidly went for it.”

Tell that to people buying $21 Skreened T-shirts emblazoned with Kristen Stewart is a Trampire. A friend says Stewart is also worried about how her affair has turned fans against her. “The heartache with Rob is so much to bear,” says the pal, “but Kristen has always valued her career. She doesn’t want this to jeopardize her future in acting.”

Can It Work?
Before she wins over the public, she’s on a mission to get her boyfriend back. So far, he has been too upset to face living in the Los Feliz home in L.A. that he let her move into last fall. “He’s selling it,” says the insider. “He said there are too many memories.”

Still, he remains so hopelessly in love that their closest pals are convinced they will reunite. “Right now their relationship isn’t defined,” says the insider. “Rob’s dealing with a lot of indecision, but their mutual friends think they will get back together. Kristen, after all, has said she wants to have his children.”

Since Pattinson wanted that too, the insider isn’t surprised he has no interest in punishing Stewart further. “He’s a great guy,” says the friend. “This truly isn’t the end of them.”

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