Selena's killer claims she had an affair with a 53-year-old doctor; he "confirms" it

Over the weekend Primer Impacto opened up a can of "WTF!" on us, Selena Quintanilla's hardcore fans, by broadcasting an interview with Ricardo Martinez, Selena's plastic surgeon and alleged LOVER.

¡Que escandaloooouuu!

According to Ricardo, his relationship with Selena began after he performed some lipo on the Tejano star even though "she didn't really need it." The two met at one of Selena's concerts in Monterrey, Mexico, his hometown, and both Chris Perez, Selena's husband, and Yolanda Salvidar, Selena's killer, seem to know him. In fact, since Primer Impacto doesn't fuck around when it comes to celebrity chisme, they, for what must be the 50th time, re-interviewed Yolanda and video taped her saying "she [Selena] was completely in love with Dr. Martinez."

But why is Ricardo spilling the beans now, 17 years after Selena's death? Why did he keep all this scandalous information to himself for so long? Because of "respect for her image, for her environment, and her family," says Ricardo.

And also because Yolanda Saldivar has been talking a lot of shit about him. You see, for as long as I can remember, Yolanda has been talking about a mythical video tape, one that's "locked up in a safe" in some undisclosed bank in Mexico, that's supposedly going to clear her name from any wrongdoing. And this tape ain't no ordinary tape; according to Yolanda, it's a SEX TAPE *cue suspenseful novela sound FX* of Ricardo & Selena! This sex tape, says Yolanda, was being used by Ricardo in order to blackmail Selena because he wanted her to leave Chris and "run away with him" to Brazil. Ricardo, of course, says Yolanda's claims are nothing but delusions, which is why he's coming forth with all this information now.

Check it:

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

The second part, the one with Yolanda's new interview, can be seen here.

This is obviously BS..what would a 23-year-old married to a fine ass young man want with a married 53-year-old with 4 children?You're no George Clooney, not even back then. Come on now..and YS, STILL slandering her name? You've already killed her, I think that's enough now, pig.

Selena's thoughts on this mess:

Also relevant bonus tweet from Jonah Hill:

He just gets it.


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