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White British girl becomes big star in Bollywood, some people complain etc


She's graced the cover of Vogue, gets mobbed in the street by fans and can command hundreds of thousands to star in a movie - yet back in her home country of Britain, most people have never heard of Amy Jackson.

The Liverpudlian beauty is a household name in India after she was plucked from obscurity as a teenager by a Tamil film producer who spotted a picture of her on the internet.

She has since gone on to star in a number of successful Bollywood films which has led to her becoming a massive movie star in India. There, she is the face of Emporio Armani and half of an A-list couple as she's dating another Bollywood star, Prateik Babbar.

The 21-year-old has said she is still adjusting to her two worlds where on one continent she's a mega star while on another she's unknown.
'Back home I'm just an ordinary girl but in India it's crazy. I go to launches and get the whole red carpet treatment. It's nice,' she said in today's Times.

Amy, who has had roles in films including Ekk Deewana Tha and Madrasapattinam, had never acted before she was given her big break in Bollywood by film director A.L.Vijay in 2009. He spotted her picture on the internet after she joined a modelling agency and began entering beauty pageants - winning the Miss Teen World and Miss Liverpool titles.

'Beauty pageants are big over in India so the director saw me on the competition website. He liked that I was white but had an Indian look so he tracked me down,' she said at the time.

Vijay cast Amy in the film Madrasapattinam, where she played the daughter of a British governor who falls in love with a local Indian boy. The film was a huge hit, propelling Amy to stardom in India.

Offers for further film roles followed and she hasn't been out of work since. She met her partner Prateik on the set of Ekk Deewana Tha and gossip columns went into overdrive with rumours over whether they were dating or not.

Amy recently confirmed to Bolly Spice that they are an item.

'We are very committed to each other in a serious but easy-going way,' she said. 'We share a great relationship. I know a lot of actresses and actors, especially in Bollywood, who hide their relationships. In the UK they are more open about these things, I think that’s why I am open about it.'

Amy now lives in Mumbai with Prateik and has fully embraced the Indian way of life, regularly wearing a sari and learning to speak Tamil and Hindi.

However, while Amy has been supported by the majority of the Indian audience, she has had to deal with some criticism and the odd abusive remark via Twitter that as a white, western girl, she shouldn't be taking roles in Bollywood films that could be given to Indian actresses.

Amy said she doesn't let such comments get to her. 'I accept that, however, I am embracing the Indian culture and I am loving it there,' she told Bolly Spice. 'It’s terrible when people try to discriminate others because of being part of another country.'

She added: 'I understand that some people say foreign girls should not be playing a part of an Indian girl, but then look at the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio who played a South African character in a film. It’s just an issue that a minority of the audience has. It is not something the mass population has a problem with.'

Amy's next role is in the soon to be released action film Thaandavam which is expected to be another smash hit.

my first actual try at posting anything, eek.
hope its ok now.. :)
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