On ‘Married to Jonas,’ Kevin and Dani Jonas try to live in harmony with his pop-star siblings

The new E! reality series finds the young couple fighting for alone time amid talk of tours and CDs -- and when it would be most convenient for them to start a family

Lots of young couples deal with overbearing in-laws during their first years of marriage. Few have the added pressures of working on a record, planning a tour and living in the limelight.

That’s the premise of “Married to Jonas,” premiering Sunday at 10 p.m. The E! reality show stars Kevin Jonas, 24, the eldest in the Jonas Brothers boy band, and his wife, Danielle (Dani) Deleasa, 25.

Their parents, brothers and sisters will be on hand to shake things up. The Jonas family creeps out Dani at a family dinner by discussing the best time for the couple to have kids. And Dani’s dad, Bucky, drops by their Morristown, N.J., home at all hours, catching Kevin off guard.

In the series premiere, Bucky shows up while the couple is cuddling in bed. He says if he doesn’t have his car, he walks there. Dani says she’s used to it, but Kevin is not.

“Her dad will just show up in our backyard, which is really crazy to me,” Kevin says on the show. “Sometimes he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I was here earlier.’ I’m like, ‘When?!’ ”

Still, Kevin tells the Daily News he doesn’t mind it too much.

“He shows up and he’s around,” Kevin says. “That’s the family here in New Jersey. Everybody is just all a part of everything. And I think that’s what’s really cool about being here. We’re one big family.

“It’s definitely fun. And getting to know a new family, it’s definitely right in saying, when you get married, you marry a whole family.”

Dani says her parents don’t live as close by as Bucky suggests. “My dad thinks walking distance is 10 miles,” Dani tells The News. “They’re 10 miles away and yes, he has walked here before. He’s that crazy.”

This shouldn’t be too new to Kevin. He and Dani met in 2007 while she was on a family vacation in the Bahamas, and have been married since 2009.

The Jonas Brothers were months away from releasing their second studio album — the one that made them huge stars — and Dani was in beauty school.

They were staying in hotels near each other and first encountered each other at a phone booth. “It was kind of funny,” Kevin says. “It was quick, and we said hello. Actually, her sister had just found out who the Jonas Brothers were. She had literally just picked up a magazine in the airport. We were on the cover for the first time. It was very early in our career.”

Dani’s little sister Katie asked to take a picture.

“The next morning, I woke up early because it was my last day on the beach, and Dani woke up early because it was her first,” Kevin recalls. “We walked past each other on the beach and from that moment, I kind of stalked her until she didn’t want to stop hanging out with me.”

Dani was skeptical at first because she was living in New Jersey, and the Jonases, though from the Garden State, had moved to Los Angeles by then. But she knew Kevin was serious when he surprised her by coming to the graduation of a friend of hers.

In the new series’ debut episode, Kevin has a charity event in New York, and Dani is jittery about walking the red carpet with him and posing for photos. He feels a little guilty about putting her in the spotlight, where people might pick her apart.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it,” Dani says. “But I’m okay with that, because I don’t want it to be normal.”

Dani also gets stressed in the premiere because Kevin’s entire family is coming over for dinner. This includes his famous siblings, Joe, 23, and Nick, 19.

There’s also younger brother Frankie, who had a recurring role on the Disney Channel sitcom “Jonas L.A.,” and parents Kevin Sr. and Denise.

Dani is cooking for all of the them. She says on the show, “Denise is not shy. She will tell you exactly what she’s thinking whether you ask her or not. She isn’t afraid to try new things or get up in front of people. I’m just not that way.”(Umm, she actually said this about her sister, not Mrs. Jonas.)

Denise is “so put together,” she adds, which makes Dani afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing.

The Jonases arrive and enjoy the meal, but she’s not in the clear yet. As Dani points out, while her family’s dinners feel loud and chaotic, Jonas family dinners typically turn into business meetings.

The conversation focuses on an upcoming tour. Nick says Kevin and Dani need to let the family know when they plan to have a baby so they can work their schedule around it.

“You obviously married one another to have a family,” says Denise. “You didn’t just get married because you liked each other and wanted to hang out and be together in a cute little mansion.”

After thinking it over later, Dani says, “I can’t believe we’re talking about a baby with his whole family, and when to have it.”

Kevin defends his family. “I think my mom is a very strong woman,” he says. “She’s raised four boys that dealt with a lot throughout our life, and she had to deal with a million different situations. So I think she’s seen a lot of life.”

He points out that being in business with his brothers means he has to keep them in the loop on potential scheduling conflicts, no matter how personal.

“Everyone’s got a schedule, and we really have to be able to work together to let each other know,” Kevin adds. “If we don’t tell each other, then somehow we could negatively affect the whole group. We’re all a team.”

Cameras also capture the Jonas Brothers in the studio, working on their first album since 2009. Gearing up for a comeback, they’re taking it seriously, and Kevin and Nick are clashing. Nick ignores Kevin when he suggests lyrics.

“I like to just blurt anything that comes to my mind, whether it’s good or bad,” Kevin says. “It definitely looks a little competitive, but really we’re just looking to get the best out of the song.”

Future episodes will deal with Denise’s father’s health problems. “My dad actually had a heart attack a couple of years ago,” she notes. “So we kind of got on him a little bit. He has to change things now.” (I know there are a lot of "D" names in this family, but it's *Dani's* dad who had a heart attack, not Mrs. Jonas's dad.)

As for if and when Kevin and Dani will have a baby, Kevin says it’s all about when the timing’s right for them.

“We have a lot going on,” he says. “But at the same time, it’s something we think about. And when the moment is right for us, we will know, and we’ll move on from there."


The show premieres tonight--anyone planning on watching, or has already watched the premiere on iTunes? There is a rumor there were will be additional scenes added to tonight's ep (mostly about the Radio City show that just was announced) but I don't know if that's true or not.

Also, Kevin & Dani will be doing a post show Q&A on the Married to Jonas Facebook after the premiere.