Only two episodes remain in the action (and deadly) packed season five of "True Blood." With the Vampire Authority ditching their mainstreaming initiative and Russell Edgington after some fairy blood, it looks like one is guaranteed safety in these final episodes.

One character in particular from HBO's hit vampire series seems to be dangling on the edge of danger - Jason Stackhouse. The past few promo trailers for "True Blood" have shown Sookie's brother appearing to be dead and lying next to a mourning Jessica in a shallow grave. The image has become all too familiar, when fans saw Tara in a similar looking act with Pam...right before she was turned into a vampire. So, what's exactly in store for Jason Stackhouse with the season five finale of "True Blood" quickly approaching?

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason on the HBO show, revealed some bloody juicy gossip to TVGuide.com. "No one is safe," Kwanten told the site. "That's the best way to put it."
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The promo trailers look pretty damaging for his character, and he's not denying it. "There's actually not much of a mislead there," he explained, referring to the clip in the video that fans have been fearing. "The stakes are as high as it gets. I mean, the guy is not just fighting for his life, it looks like he's dead and he's surrounded by vampires, so his chance of survival does not look good. He's just a mere mortal after all, or a mere Stackhouse, I should say."

Is Kwanten's choice of word change from "mortal" to "Stackhouse" a clue that Jason won't meet his maker this season? While Sookie seems to be the only one to possess the fairy gene in their family, the Stackhouse blood may be stronger than fans thought. On top of that, Jason seems to have some heavy hitting allies behind him, like ghost Gran and the fairy community.

Jason's life may be protected by the fact that he is putting his life on the line for his sister. As Kwanten explained to TVGuide, Jason is willing to do "anything" to protect her. "He's willing to put the relationship with Jessica on hold, if not put it aside completely, for the only remaining member of his family, which I think is a noble thing for Jason," said Kwanten. "He realizes that this is his last chance to keep the family together."

Sookie's big brother isn't going up against any vampire though, the upcoming finale episodes will see him face-to-face with Russell Edgington, probably the toughest vampire our characters have hahve had to deal with (although Warlow looks like he could be a serious contender). According to Kwanten, Jason is important to Russell because he needs him to get to the fairy blood. But Russell won't be alone. Jason will once again find himself running into vampire Steve Newlin who had confessed his love to Jason at the beginning of the season.

"This particular season has one of the best cliff-hangers I think we've ever shot, which definitely involves Sookie, myself and Tara," explained Kwanten of the highly anticipated season five finale of "True Blood." "Perhaps we're all working together."

"You're not quite sure who's going to live and who's going to die," he continued of the finale. "In previous seasons, we had the so-called cliff-hanger in either episode 10 or 11 and then, Episode 12 is answering that cliff-hanger and then setting up the new season, whereas this one very much leaves us on a big 'Oh, my God,' moment."

Are you excited for the season five finale of "True Blood?" What do you think will die?


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