Kristen Stewart hits "rock-bottom", health in jeopardy

Kristen Stewart has taken a turn for the worse, as new reports on Friday put her as a recluse living on diet Red Bull and cigarettes. Her gaunt looks reflect the self-punishment she’s put herself through since losing Robert Pattinson after cheating on him with movie producer Rupert Sanders.

The “Twilight” star continues to hide out at a friend’s home and is refusing to eat anything that would provide her the nourishment she’s lacking today. Close friends of Kristen report that when they suggest she eat something she comes back with the excuse that she just did eat or she’s feeling too sick to eat, according to Showbiz Spy. 
Kristen is afraid to come out of the confines of her small closed up world today because of the scrutiny waiting around every corner. This fallout from the affair has gone from bad to worse as Kristen’s health seems to now be in jeopardy.

She’s a 22 year-old young woman facing the brunt of this affair scandal as her counterpart in the cheating is back home with his wife and unscathed from the comparably light fallout in the media that he's received. “Kristen is grief-stricken and has hit rock-bottom,” claims Showbiz Spy.

Gather sees Kristen as acting much like Demi Moore when she and Ashton Kutcher parted ways. Kristen is reportedly showing some of the same behaviors seen in Demi during her heartbreak crisis. Demi has almost 30 years on Kristen when it comes to life experience, this is Kristen's first real crisis since riding high in stardom and most likely as an adult.

One can’t help to wonder if the media owns a part of the blame for pushing her to these limits since the verbal stoning of Kristen’s decision to stray has made her the scapegoat, the one and only scapegoat. Now is the time to rally around Kristen instead of continuing to scrutinize her.

Friends can’t get Kristen to even have a cup of soup today and the suggestion of seeing a therapist has been turned down by the Bella actress. The source giving this information to Showbiz Spy said “Part of her just doesn’t want to feel better.”


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