David Beckham Bodywear Line for H&M

It’s that time of the day friends! David Beckham in his underwear!

Come on, you know it’s your favorite part of the day. The soccer hottie is getting ready forthe launch of his new underwear linefor H&M’s winter collection and from what reports tell us, it should be quite the excellent line. Even David loves it. As he said, “I love the range, and feel so comfortable in each of the pieces. It has become second nature for me to wear it!”

There’s all sorts of fancy new underwear, vests, shirts and get this, even long underwear! You can now play out all your back woodsman fantasies in David Beckham approved clothing. That’s all well and good, but you’ll never guess the best part of his new underwear line campaign!

10-foot statues of David wearing his underwear line displayed around London, New York, Los Angeles and other major cities. We mentioned it before, but it requires mentioning again. H&M has even got a contest going.

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Campaign Photos
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