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✰ Iggy Azalea Picture Post ✰

Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper who became an Internet sensation last year when she released the video for “PU$$Y,” an illuminating song about the European debt crisis (kidding). The video, a color-saturated ride through the streets of L.A., stars the gorgeous Azalea eating frozen snacks in high-waisted pants, and introduced us to her always-perfect trademark ponytail.

Given her persona and lyrics like "hit the scene, kill shit / we in the murda bizness,” Iggy Azalea seems like the sort of person we would normally be intimidated to talk to, let alone shoot for a fashion website. As it turns out, though, while her curves and outfits are as jaw-dropping as you’d expect, Iggy is remarkably easy going. We talked to her about her hair secrets, the perfect Sunday afternoon, and working with fashion personality Andrew Mukamal.

Who are some of your style icons? What inspires your fashion sense?
“Grace Kelly and Fran from the sitcom The Nanny are my style icons. I love classic tailoring on women but I also love tacky loud prints and bold bright colors.”

You've already worked with some hip-hop legends. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future — hip-hop artists or otherwise?
“ — I've been meaning to but keep missing him in the studio. I think he's a genius.”

What makes a good outfit for performing in? What makes a bad one?
“Usually pants or a skirt that is longer in length. I do a lot of jumping around and clothes ride up and move — I have a fear of accidental shots of my underpants happening, so that's the thing I think of most.”

What would you do on your ideal Sunday afternoon off?
“I love to go to theme parks! Last week, I had a few days off and went to Six Flags. I really like roller coasters.”

Your stylist Andrew Mukamal likes to push the envelope when it comes to fashion. Has he ever suggested anything that was even too crazy for you?
“Andrew styles me when I'm in NYC and he truly understands my personality. Fashion is an extension of that, so almost everything he pulls I try. I'm all about outrageous things — that's why I love to work with him.”

It seems like a great time for women in hip-hop in general. Do you mind being talked about as part of a larger trend, or would you rather people just focused on your music?
“I think when people take an interest in the things you’re passionate about it’s great whether you're a direct part of that or not. I love rap and any time it’s talked about positively.”

Along with being a rapper, you’re also the founder of a hair company. How do you keep your hair healthy and strong? Any products you recommend?
“When washing hair remember: Shampoo is for the scalp. Conditioner is for the ends and body of the hair. Don't wash your hair excessively — I only wash mine three times a month. I try to give it as much time away from the styling irons as I can, because they really affect your hair quality. If I have a day off, I keep it in its natural wave pattern. Also, I dye my hair as little as possible.”

Your ponytail is something of a trademark, but if you had to totally change up your hair entirely, what would you do?
“Lately I've been loving a deep part and some glam waves.”

What’s the one thing you miss most about living in Australia?
“I miss Australian bakeries!”

Rapper Iggy Azalea performs at the Sneaker Pimps 10 Year Anniversary Tour Kick Off Show at Vanguard on August 10, 2012 in Hollywood:

Iggy on the set of Relapse mag photoshoot:

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