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Björk Working on New Doc, Plus 2 Remixes

Björk teams up with David Attenborough for Documentary about Music & Nature + 2 Death Grip Remixes

The Icelandic songstress is teaming up with David Attenborough for "Attenborough and Bjork: The Nature of Music." The doc, which has just been picked up by Britain's Channel 4, will continue the themes explored in Bjork's latest album, Biophilia, and explore how music, nature and technology all intersect. The pair will travel the world in order to tell the story about the evolution of music, with Louise Hooper directing the project. Frankly, it sounds pretty damn interesting, and Bjork and Attenborough working together should yield some fascinating results. Attenborough, of course, is the man behind various nature documentaries including the acclaimed "Planet Earth," while the singer's obsession with the natural world has been a throughline for her work. No word yet on when their doc will air, but we're looking for to it.

As part of the ongoing Bjork remix series, the contribution from from California noise-rap outfit Death Grips has arrived. Sans vocalist Stefan Burnett, producers Zach Hill and Andy Morin take on "Sacrifice" and "Thunderbolt" off Bjork's album Biophilia, and the results are really good. If you dug the unique rhythms and sonic perspectives on The Money Store, you should head below. If you don't know Death Grips, The Money Store or Bjork then, still, go down and listen.



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