Veronica Mars (williammiller) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Veronica Mars

YouTube Presents: Marina and the Diamonds

- Starring Role performance
- Microphone pack troubles
- Marilyn the dog makes an appearance
- Primadonna performance
- Asked who traveled the furthest and says they're her favorite
- Lies performance
- Teen Idle performance (audience sings with her)
- Introduces Alex (her guitar player)
- She announces How to Be a Heartbreaker was her last performance and people in the crowd shout "NO!"

- Brief mention of her 3D nails (
- Inspiration about her album Electra Heart and her archetypes
- An alarm goes off, Marina laughs it off
- Oscar Wilde quote discussion
- Distracted by her ear phones hanging down her back
- Her fashion and persona
- "Would you say you're a heartbreaker?" and why she never wrote about love before Electra Heart
- Talks about her success from the start of her music career until now.
- "What happened the day you turned Seventeen?" - avoids the question
- Asked about Fear & Loathing morse code in the beginning of her song.
- Most embarrassing moment on stage.
- How it was to open for Coldplay
- Whether or not she prefers small venues or large ones
- How she created the stage look for The Lonely Hearts Club tour
- What she would do if she weren't a singer
- Her biggest fear
- The most ridiculous rumor she's ever heard about herself.
- What she has on her iPod
- Why she hasn't collaborated with any other artist, and if she were to, who would it be with?
- About working on her third album
- What's next?

***The video actually ends around 43:50 and starts over again, it's not an hour and 17 minutes long.***

She was adorable as always. I'm a bit disappointed with the questions because they asked for "weird ones" and the questions were pretty lame. The interviewer was horrible.

Tags: marina and the diamonds

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