Queen Björk wants Pussy Riot spared from jail and dedicates a song to them

Icelandic pop star Björk has voiced her support for jailed Russian rockers Pussy Riot and invited them to join her on stage when they are freed from prison.

Three members of the all-girl band are on trial on hooliganism charges for performing a protest song against Russian President Vladimir Putin in a church in February.

Pussy Riot, a Russian activist band, were arrested at a cathedral earlier this year after performing Holy Shit in protest of a rather dodgy relationship between Russian president Vladimir Putin and the church. Three of its female members are now sitting trial and face up to seven years of jail - but they’re receiving support from fellow musicians all over the world.

The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Björk, who dedicated her 2008 single Declare Independence to the band at her gig in Finland recently - a performance you can check out below.

Björk also released the following statement in support of the band: "Dear folks

"Here comes a statement in defense [sic] of pussy riot: As a musician and a mother I would like to express I fiercely don't agree with them being put to jail because of their peaceful protest performance. They are currently standing trial and facing seven years in prison for this.

"In my opinion the Russian authorities should let them go home to their families and children. I would like to invite pussy riot to join me in a particular song on stage: which was written for all enhancement of justice (you can guess once which one)

"Warmth, Björk"

Check out the video of the performance

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