Tia Mowry Defends Her "Ugly Baby"

Tia Mowry’s son Cree is ugly? If you’ve been hanging around the comment section on various web pages you may have heard such harsh words uttered. Gather round, fellow moms, it’s time to show this first-timer some support!

“Wow that baby is ugly. What the hell happened,” turned up on one site. “Both parents are attractive. I just don’t get it.”

“You know I’m right, that baby is ugly,” wrote another commenter on [one site] responding to those who insisted otherwise. “That’s why you’re all hyped up about it. Say what you want and don’t act like ugly babies don’t exist. It is what it is. Don’t be at mad me. And just b/c I said the baby was ugly, it doesn’t mean he’ll always be that way. Who knows, maybe the kid will eventually grow into his head.”

Tia Mowry, unfortunately aware such comments are being made, addressed the issue herself Monday writing on her Facebook page, “It’s disgusting that some focus on looks. I brought a beautiful child into this world.”

Striking a chord with followers, over 100,000 ‘liked’ the statement and well over 3,000 comments were left — the vast majority of which were supportive of the Tia & Tamera star and 1-year-old Cree Hardicut.

I too applaud her outlook, and I know what it’s like to have a little one who people comment on. Though I was fortunate not to have anyone outright call my second son ugly, they never knew quite what to say. You see, infant and babyhood were not his best stages by far.

The poor guy had permanent dark circles under his eyes, a long-lasting case of baby acne, a habit of scratching himself with his own nails (no matter how trim I kept them!) and most disturbing of all, a vivid splotchy rash that appeared every time he cried — which he did near constantly.

Upon setting eyes on my screamer strangers would try very hard to be polite after pausing long enough to censor themselves. “Oh my…he’s…got such strong lungs,” they’d offer. “What a…sweetie. Is he breaking out in hives?”

I know, I wanted to say. I know he’s an ugly baby. You know, I know, we can all see the screaming mess of a child in front of our eyes!

But I didn’t. Though I was OK with it I knew such a statement would send people clucking with reassurances otherwise — and I just didn’t want to bother with hearing it. The honest truth, though, was that it didn’t matter to me. I hadn’t loved him from the moment a pee stick showed up with two pink lines because of his looks, and I couldn’t — wouldn’t stop loving him because he was a hot baby mess. That’s what makes me his mom.

As Tia Mowry put it: “I brought a beautiful child into this world.” That’s not just the physical element being referred to.

Many, many long weeks and superficial pleasantries exchanged with strangers later he started to come around. These days he’s still a temperamental handful, but has even been accused of being handsome.

Meanwhile, his older brother, who was publicly gushed over for having blue eyes and angelic skin since the get-go, is now a gangly gap-toothed big kid. My “ugly” baby is a handsome kid and my gorgeous baby is, well, entirely awkward.

To Tia Mowry I wish I could say this: You are so right. Looks don’t matter. Not only that, but they change over time. Cree is great and you are doing great too. Keep on keeping on, mama!

I don’t believe that there’s no such thing as an ugly baby. I also don’t believe in hurting another person’s feelings unnecessarily, nor that a baby’s preciousness and lovability is only measured by their beauty.


Have you ever dealt with ugly baby comments, as Tia Mowry has? Were you an "ugly baby"?