Hollywood Insider Alleges Robert Pattinson Can’t Keep It In His Pants, Constantly Cheated on KStew

Two weeks ago, all of our lives were forever changed when we learned, via explosive tabloid photos, that Kristen Stewart is a giant whore. Psych! She's a normal 22-year-old making many of the same mistakes that we made, except under the scrutiny of a paparazzo's telephoto lens. Who cares? Well, millions of people apparently, and most of them are siding with Robert Pattinson, whose heart was supposedly broken by that harlot. However: RPatz has been linked with a number of women during his three-year relationship with Stewart. But nobody's calling him a slut or a "trampire."

We received a tip — if you want to call it that, it was more like a novella — from someone who claims to have insider knowledge of the many times that Pattinson has stepped out on Stewart. We can't verify if this person is actually a Hollywood insider, but at the very least, he or she is incredibly well-versed in the minute details of the actors' lives and shooting schedules. If nothing else, this person is very invested in Stewart and Pattinson's relationship, and worried about Stewart's recent nosedive in popularity. The blockquotes below are all taken verbatim from this one email.

In the email, the tipster went off on a rant — including photos to back up some claims — about how Pattinson has managed to be linked with so many women but not receive the kind of backlash that Stewart has. Perhaps Pattinson is just a better cheater. (There are no photos, that we know of, in which he is day-Frenching someone all over L.A.) Or maybe all of this is just bullshit. But we did manage to pull up some circumstantial evidence to back up some of these assertions. If any of this is true, it is the Watergate of vampires.

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lol "hollywood insider"... probably one of kstew's crazy fans, lbr

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