Taylor Swift spends time with Conor Kennedy in Nashville

But, contrary to reports, the singer's new boyfriend has not yet met her parents

Dinner at Edleys BBQ, Nashville

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have taken their romance to Tennessee. On August 9, they were seen grabbing breakfast at The Pancake Pantry in downtown Nashville. Swift spoke with a group of fans outside the Hillsboro Village restaurant, who reported that Conor seemed "really laid back" and "just stood at the side smiling".

Later that day, they joined a female friend for dinner at Edley's BBQ. A Country Vibe journalist dining in the restaurant remarked that they were "both very relaxed and casual and for the most part were left alone to enjoy their dinner with a friend, with only a handful of fans approaching Taylor before and after their meal."

Another photo posted by a fan shows Swift and a young man (with his back to the camera) dining with her parents. Despite widespread reports that the blurry twitter picture showed Conor meeting her parents, the photo actually depicts her brother at a Father's Day meal in June, Swift's rep tells PEOPLE.

People Magazine: Summer Lovin'

Sailing in Hyannis Port

The pair bonded in Hyannis Port during the Kennedy clan's Fourth of July celebrations (at the time, bloggers wrongly speculated that Swift was dating Conor's cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger). Their romance became quite public on July 25 - just one day after Conor's 18th birthday - with a hand-holding pizza outing in his hometown of Mount Kisco, NY.

The couple then headed back to Cape Cod, where they were spotted having lunch together, stealing kisses behind a boat shack, hanging out at the Kennedy compound and making late-night runs to Four Seas Ice Cream with Conor's cousins. (For her: cookie-dough and butter-crunch ice cream. For him: a frappe). The pair aren't shy about PDA: As they waited for their treats on July 31, their server Kaiya Davis recalls, "they hugged each other and she gave him a kiss on the lips. They're really cute together". During a later sailing trip, an observer remarked: "They were sitting up in the front of the sailboat holding hands. They were in their own world"
Ethel Kennedy, Conor's grandmother, has described Swift as "such good company" and quipped that "we should be so lucky" to have the singer as a family member. Rory Kennedy, Conor's aunt, has said that Taylor is "awesome. She's a great friend of all of ours". Kick Kennedy, Conor's 24 year-old half-sister, told the New York Daily News that the romance was "very real. I love her, she’s great." Joan Kennedy, the ex-wife of the late Ted Kennedy, told People of the budding relationship: "I've seen them and they're adorable. They look like they're having a wonderful time". Laurence Learner, a Kennedy biographer, added: "It is great Conor can have a happy summer." 

New York Post: Taylor's "positive spirit" lifts Conor

On a trampoline at the Kennedy compound

The romance between Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy continues to blossom, with friends saying the singer’s “positive spirit” is helping him through the heartbreak of losing his mother Mary Richardson Kennedy. 

A source told us, “Taylor has a really generous and positive spirit, and the whole Kennedy family loves her. It has been a very difficult time for Conor, losing his mother, and Taylor has great positive energy. She is definitely helping him through this.

“He is so young and has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, becoming the administrator of his mother’s estate. It’s a lot of work, but he is smart and reliable, and will stand up to the role.”

The source said Conor has been doing volunteer work to help extract DNA from whales to research how the Gulf of Mexico oil spill affected the mammals. His father is the president of Waterkeeper Alliance, which campaigns for safe waterways worldwide.

Our source added, “Conor is a genuine guy and, like his father, is interested in environmental issues.”

Aside from spending time with the family, the Kennedy kids have been concentrating on personal projects as they grieve the loss of their mother. Kyra, 16, has been in Africa on a church mission. Fin, 14, has been at ski camp.

Conor’s half-sister Kick, 24, appears in HBO’s “Newsroom” and has been working with patients at Bellevue Hospital. She told us, “Conor has the biggest heart in the world, and Taylor is lovely. It’s been a tough summer, and I hope he gets to enjoy a little peace now.

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