Pippa can eat her heart out

Sofia Vergara: You're 'Nothing' Without A 'Big Ass'


Sofia Vergara is at again! The always outspoken "Modern Family" siren opened up to Allure magazine about what she thinks is sexy and her biggest body pet peeves.

"I don't like when the ass gets smaller," the actress, who just turned 40, told the mag in a new interview. "In Latin America if you don't' have a big ass you're nothing."

Sofia - who also revealed she wears a size 32F bra - doesn't pull any punches when it comes to her distaste for exercising.

"While I'm working out, I'm in a bad mood," she said. "I didn't grow up in a culture of working out. You were voluptuous, that's it. That's all you needed."

And to critics who say she's perpetuating a stereotypical character, Sofia said she's proud of the Latina image.

"We're loud. We're passionate. We're colorful. We're voluptuous," she said. "I am not scared of the stereotype of the Latin woman, because I think it's fantastic."

For the full interview with Sofia, pick up a copy of Allure's September issue - on newsstands on August 21.


Trust the media to spin it so it sounds worse than it actually is. lols all around tho