Paris Jackson Reveals Amazing Photo Shrine To Late Father

It's been a tough time for the Jackson clan lately, what with numerous inter-family feuds and debate over the validity of Michael Jackson's will. However, Michael Jackson's daughter Paris seems to have anchored herself with a positive focus. The 14-year-old recently created a enormous shrine of images of her late father, which she posted up on her bedroom wall.

Paris displayed her extensive collage on Twitter--containing dozens of photos from all stages of the King of Pop's life, and centered by a dramatic black-and-white portrait directly over her bed's headboard. She noted that it took her three hours to complete.

Apparently, some fans considered Paris's work to be a bit over-the-top, but Michael's adoring only daughter doesn't care what anyone thinks of her work."Someone commented on my pic saying "obsessed much?'" she noted on Twitter. "Yeaa u better believe it...a whole wall of his pics is the LEAST i could do."

Paris drew headlines last month when she angrily confronted her extended clan over the whereabouts of her grandmother and guardian, Katherine Jackson. The Jackson matriarch--who along with Paris and her siblings is the named beneficiary of Michael Jackson's estate--temporarily lost custody of Paris and her brothers when she was reported missing last month, only to be discovered that she was actually vacationing at an Arizona spa.

With her grandmother's wellbeing assured and custody restored, Paris seemed to return to a more peaceful state of mind, tweeting cute photos of herself in rock T-shirts, as well as another creative project--homemade American flag-decorated cupcakes, just in time for the Olympics.


I think the pic wall is fine but hope she doesn't get in over her head with the media/public.  She's only like 14 and internet fame can be a monster. [Gaga pun unintended]