Ryan Lochte Wants a Girlfriend


Shedding a tear over the news Michael Phelps is settling down with girlfriend Megan Rossee?

Well, dry your eyes, because the sexy and single Ryan Lochte revealed some exciting news to E! while hanging at the Speedo party red carpet in London Monday night: He indeed wants a girlfriend.

Ladies, get in line.

"Yeah, I mean I definitely want a relationship. I want to give a certain someone my heart," Lochte dished to E! News before adding, "I mean, I just gotta find the right girl."

So what's the right stuff for Ryan's perfect gal? Well, we know his ladylove must be fit, has to make him laugh and, of course, must be totally averse to one-night-stands (thanks for clearing up mama's comments, Ry!).

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