Ross-Sanders Reconciliation reports are premature- Wedding ring means nothing

liberty and rupert

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I had to use this photo because, um. wow. does he not realize how lucky he is she married him?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson aren't the only couple who've become estranged as a result of her affair with Rupert Sanders. The director hasn't seen his wife, actress Liberty Ross, since the cheating scandal went public.

"This was devastating" for Ross, a source told People.

As bad as it is at the moment though, Ross is still wearing his wedding ring and reconciliation is not off the table, according to the source.

So his wearing his wedding ring may just be wishful thinking on his part, and it probably doesnt mean much to him since he was wearing it while kristen plays with his hands and makes out with him. Also, I found this hilarious: a ton of sites are posting that "he is praying his wife takes him back" as if it is a new development- they are just taking an excerpt of his statement. If i am honest- i am more curious to see what happens with these, two rather than robsten. Rob should bounce back. I've never liked kristen, so i dont care what happens to her.

Also, Radar online reported that Kristen had taken his daughter out for icecream during their press tour. That grosses me out so much because she KNEW he had a family and clearly acknowledged it, yet he did that. I really think something was going on or one of them had feeling for each other.. I f rupert did have feeling for her then( which to me seems like he did), why would you send your daughter with her? ugh such a loser.