Meet the princess of the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team

If Queen Gabby decides to abdicate her throne, next in line for most fierce American gymnast is McKayla Maroney.

McKayla is so awesome at vault that the other girls showing up for Vault finals tomorrow are essentially competing for the Silver and Bronze medals.

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BFF: Olympic teammate Kyla Ross is Maroney's best friend. They came from the same gymnastics club in Aliso Viejo, Calif and first met when they were six years old. Together they progressed through the gymnastics ranks, both making the Olympic team as one of four discretionary selections.

Hitting the ice bucket with Kyla

Toughness: Maroney's performance came while she struggled with a broken toe. In May, Maroney broke it. In June, she did it again. In July, about a week before the Olympics started, she increased the break after dismounting from the balance beam.

Parents: Maroney stands 5-2, same as her mom. But her father, Mike, a former Purdue quarterback is 6-3.

Specialist: Maroney's contribution to the team gold was the vault, where she performed the Amanar vault so flawlessly at the team competition NBC Announcer Tim Dagget called it a "Perfect 10." She also won the vault title at U.S. trials and the 2011 World Championships.

Injury: Maroney suffered a mild concussion and nasal fracture after hitting her head during training on the floor routine at the U.S. gymnastics championships. Less than a month after the injury she went to U.S. trials and qualified for the Olympic team.

Boundless Energy: After watching Tarzan, Maroney began running around on all fours as a 2 year old. Her mom, looking for a way to exhaust Maroney's extra energy, enrolled her in gymnastics and everything progressed from there.

Floor: Despite being the best vaulter in the world, Maroney lists the floor exercise as her favorite event. "I think it's the only event that you can really show everybody yourself," Maroney told "You can dance and you can show people who you are and what you're there for."

Clairvoyant: Not so long ago, Maroney listed her goals in her elementary school's yearbook. "My goal for the future is to be in the Olympics." Check that one off the list.

Multi-sport: To focus on gymnastics, Maroney quit figure skating, tennis and soccer and started getting homeschooled.

Inspiration: At the 2004 U.S. trials, her team led by eventual all-around Olympic champion Carly Patterson finished second.

One thing not on the list:

She bears a resemblance to Victoria Beckham

The best vault you’ve ever seen

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