Reezy Announces on His Birthday That He Is Moving To LA + Phlochte Bday Sechs #JEAH

Ryan Lochte; On Air With Ryan Seacrest
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Ryan Lochte finished his run at the 2012 Olympics just in time. Today he turns 28-years-old and the birthday boy called in to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” Friday to talk rivalry, Rio and whether Olympic athletes really do pee in the pool.

Do Any Of The Athletes Pee In The Pool?
“Of course. I think there’s just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go. [I didn't] during the races, but I sure did in warm-up.”

On This Year’s Competition:
“I am relieved. These past fours years have been really, really hard and you know what? It’s over for me, so I’m definitely excited and happy that I get to finally take a deep breath. Michael Phelps is one of the hardest competitors I have ever had to go up against and you know what? He’s a good friend. Win or lose we’re still going to be friends and we both want to win and sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t.”

“Our rivalry that we’ve created has gotten so big, especially in the last couple years, and we push each other because we both want to do incredible things for this sport. He knows that I’m training really hard back home and I know that he’s training, so that’s what pushes us everyday when we go to practice.”

What Are You Going To Do Now That It’s All Over?
“Honestly, I can’t really do anything until swimming’s over with. We have this code of conduct that we all sign, the whole team, and we have to obey by it. We really still have a curfew and everything, so there is no partying just yet.”

On Moving To Los Angeles:
“Oh yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to that. Me and my buddy, we’re still looking. We’re gonna get probably a condo or a penthouse of some sort for the first six months and then see if we really like it out there. We’re still gonna be training for 2016, but the reason why I’m heading out there is I want to start pursing my real dream of designing my own clothing line”

I guess I just have a good eye for it. I have a very creative mind and the things that pop up in my head I kind of just put on paper or put on a shirt or shoes or anything. I’m definitely going until 2016. The longest break I’ve had in the past eight years has been a week long, so I’m definitely taking probably a good solid month and I’m not even gonna look at the water, unless if it’s at the beach. I’m planning on being over there around November-ish, when everything settles down.”


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