Nina Garcia Very Drastically Overestimates What ‘A Few Weeks’ Salary’ Means For Most People

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Stop the presses! Someone has out-GOOP-ed Gwyneth! And it was Nina Garcia!

By “GOOPing” (a verb I just made up), I of course mean “advising one’s followers to buy something that only someone with your exorbitant salary (i.e. not many of them) can afford, and presenting it as common sense, girl-to-girl lifestyle advice.” (Depending on how naive you are willing to believe she is, it might also be interpreted as a tasteless #humblebrag.)

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The Birkin bag in question costs $26,000. As in, more than some people make in a year.

Garcia’s followers were quick to point out her miscalculation:

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She has yet to respond to this criticism in any way.

Doing a little bit of math, someone would need to make about $450,000/year to earn $26,000 in three weeks. The average household income in America (all breadwinners combined) is somewhere around $50,000. I don’t know the average annual income of someone who follows Nina Garcia on twitter, but I’m guessing it’s not $450,000.

Believe it or not, I’m not criticizing Nina Garcia for being rich or buying expensive things. I’m criticizing her for being so out of touch with her readership that she’d sincerely recommend they buy a handbag that costs more than a year of tuition at Columbia. I know Nina Garcia was born wealthy, but she did work as a regular fashion journalist for a while before ascending to her current role as Marie Claire editor-at-large/Project Runway judge/”Style Voice and fashion collection curator” to J.C. Penney, so she should have at least some idea what her core demographic makes.

Or even if she’s always made six figures (must be nice!), Garcia is educated enough to have at least read the newspaper sometime in the past few years, no? Is this woman just incredibly naive, or what? Does she really believe that only rich ladies read fashion blogs? Or maybe she’s trolling for outrage, in which case, congrats, I guess? What do you think?


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