People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

"You gotta get, like, 24 and eat all of them. I lose my mind. Go crazy. Krispy Kreme fever!"

– Liam Hemsworth, on his food weakness, to Men's Health

"She's awesome."

– Rory Kennedy, gushing about nephew Conor Kennedy's new love interest Taylor Swift, at HBO's Television Critics Association summer tour event

"People changing their name just to get press. So lame. Incidentally, my new name is Zach Lion Metta World Peace Dirty Money Cher"

– Zach Braff, taking a jab at the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg, who renamed himself Snoop Lion, on Twitter

"Fashion stole my smile!"

– Victoria Beckham, on why she's rarely seen smiling, to Glamour

"Congrats Michael Phelps. Lock your door buddy. We... *coughs* I mean thieves know where to look if they wanna steal gold."

– Track and field star Lolo Jones, joking with swimmer Michael Phelps, after the most-decorated Olympian won his record-breaking 19th medal, on Facebook

"I'm a woman who likes to be courted – strongly."

– Katy Perry, recently spotted with singer John Mayer, on how she prefers to be pursued, to Elle magazine

"Watermelon is my life savor."

– An expectant Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, sharing her pregnancy craving, on Twitter

"Kate Beckinsale's been fighting vampires and werewolves for centuries in the underworld. She looks fantastic for her age, 426."

– Total Recall's Colin Farrell, on costar Kate Beckinsale's fighting skills, on Conan

"OK, I'm outta here. I'm going to the other side of the room!"

– Camila McConaughey, recalling her first encounter with an unrecognizably scruffy Matthew McConaughey, on Access Hollywood Live

"To my Forty and over crew! Don't believe the hype...we DO get better with age!"

– Forty-year-old Jada Pinkett Smith, showing off her hot bikini bod, on Twitter

Which celeb had THE BEST quote this week?

Liam, the "_________" of the three brothers
Rory Underwhelming Statement Giver Kennedy
Zach Ochocinco Braff
Victoria's not smilin' for ya
LoLo wants to know where's da gold at
Katy Perry now has every douchedisease
Snooki doesn't know homophones
Colin Farrell <3
Camila McConaughey smelled him, that's why
Jada the attention-snore zzzzzzzz