Smiling Katie Holmes in New York while Tom looks after Suri

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Katie Holmes seems to be in a really good place, right now.
Her ex-husband Tom Cruise and their six-year-old daughter Suri may be in the trademarked 'most magical place on Earth' but for Katie, 33, there's clearly nowhere better than Manhattan when she's free of commitments.

The former Dawson's Creek star is currently more footloose and fancy free than she has been in years. Ever since meeting and falling pregnant to Tom Cruise, 50, in fact. And while there's no doubting her devotion to Suri, the actress seemed to be enjoying alone time today as she floated around Chelsea doing errands. Katie, who was wearing a casual denim dress, cream cardigan and her hair loose and bed-rubbed pretty, beamed as she chatted into her phone, which had a floral cover encasing it.
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The Holmes and Yang designer didn't look like someone you'd want style advice from in her raggedy attire, but the sheer luminosity of her smile made her look more beautiful than when she was trussed up in designer clothes on the red carpet with Cruise. Clearly for Katie, a day without the restrictions of being Mrs Tom Cruise or even a doting mommy is quite the novelty, still.

If as some cynics are to believed, Tom is waging a PR war with his very public fun making, perhaps Katie is hitting back with these gleeful poses.
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