South Korean Fencer Shin A Lam Offered a "Special Medal," Tells Olympic Committee to Shove It

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Fencing's governing body has announced that the heartbroken South Korean Shin A Lam will receive "a special medal" after she felt she was robbed of a proper one in the women's épée on Monday night.

The medal will be for "aspiration to win and respect for the rules,"
according to the International Fencing Federation, but Shin said: "It does not make me feel better because it's not an Olympic medal. I don't accept the result because I believe it was a mistake."

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ETA: Shin A Lam Screwed Out of a Medal because of a 15 year old Olympic volunteer?

The Korean team believes the situation resulted from poor management by the referee and timekeeper. Kim Chang-gon, an FIE referee, said, “I checked after the game that it was a 15-year-old British volunteer girl who was doing the timekeeping.”


What a load of crap.
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