Jack White's one-man protest against social media at gigs


MEMO to Jack White fans in Sydney and Byron Bay - leave your phones in your pockets.

At White’s sold out Melbourne show last night a sign on the door laid the rules out for punters - the use of Twitter and Facebook was “strictly prohibited.”

The sign also urged fans “please leave your phones in your pockets/purses and enjoy the show live and in person.”

White told News Limited earlier this year he’s making a one-man protest against the use of camera phones at concerts.

"The gadgetry for the experience of a live show has gotten ridiculous. You look out and see a sea of blue screens," he said.

"The worst thing is to watch a young kid watching a show on their camera screen, instead of watching it on stage. You just want to take it out of his hand and go, 'Come on man, that's not what this is about'."

Despite a handful of rebels last night, it meant you could watch a show like the old days, without a sea of phones being held up like periscopes.

A big fan of the old days, White’s Festival Hall show last night was one of the year’s finest rock gigs.

While he’s promoting his first official solo record, Blunderbuss, it doubled as The Best of Jack White - opening with The White Stripes’ Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.

For his solo career White tours with an all-girl and all-male band - choosing immediately before each show which will back him that night.

Both backing bands have travelled to Australia, each were waiting backstage at the Melbourne show itching to play.

Melbourne got the all-girl band, including a slide guitarist, fiddle player and stand-up bassist, all waiting on White’s instructions as he plays without a set list.

Fans got a healthy dose of the Blunderbuss album - including Missing Pieces, Sixteen Saltines, I Guess I Should Go to Sleep, Freedom at 21 and Take Me With You When You Go.

Ruby Amanfu, White’s duet partner on the incredible Love Interruption, has joined his touring band.

Her soulful voice was a great addition to White’s back catalogue, including the Raconteurs’ Carolina Drama and Steady as She Goes and the Dead Weather’s Blue Blood Blues.

At one point in the show White confused fans with story about a Melbourne woman who stole Dead Weather member Jack Lawrence’s phone from a hotel room.

White said the woman called him, pretended to be a police officer, threatened to take her life and later posted online she had eloped with White.

"I’m pretty sure it’s not true" White said, later hailing the "beautiful women" he spotted on Melbourne’s Chapel Street to balance out our more stalky exports.

The country vibe to the night also extended to a cover of Hank Williams’ You Know That I Know.

Despite the band no longer existing, the White Stripes’ material provoked some of the night’s biggest reactions.

Fans were treated to blistering versions of Hotel Yorba, We’re Going to Be Friends, Ball and Biscuit and My Doorbell before the show ended with the classic Seven Nation Army, with White on slide guitar.

Jack White plays the Hordern in Sydney tonight and Splendour in the Grass on Friday night.

Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/music/jack-white-bans-camera-phones-at-melbourne-concert/story-e6frf9hf-1226435618897

Honestly, I couldn't agree with him more. I don't understand why people feel the need to be so constantly preoccupied with their cellphones, especially when you're at the theater or a freaking live show...