Kristen Stewart Left Friendless After Cheating On Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders! She has angered her fans, humiliated Rob, and has now found herself without any friends to lean on!

Kristen, 22, has put herself in a tough predicament now that she’s potentially destroyed her three-year relationship with 26-year-old Rob!

While Rob is reportedly leaning on the shoulder of Katy Perry, it seems Kristen has no one to turn to!

Sure, Kristen is the perpetrator in this scenario, but everyone could use a friend in their corner — even the guilty. Unfortunately for Kristen, many of her friends were those of Rob’s.

Kristen was friendly with Katy through Rob, and she often accompanied Rob to watch his friends perform live around Los Angeles.

But where are Kristen’s girlfriends? From what we’ve seen, she doesn’t seem to have any.

Kristen reportedly became close with Rupert’s wife Liberty Ross while they co-starred together in Snow White, but for obvious reasons that relationship is destroyed in the aftermath of the affair as well! Even Kristen’s co-star Charlize Theron is reportedly furious with the actress for partaking in a relationship with Rupert. Charlize was reported to have formed close relationships with both Kristen and Liberty — putting Charlize in an uncomfortable position.

I mean, of course she has friends, she's just very very (very) good at hiding them, prefering to adopt most of Robert's, I guess.