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Racist Casting Offense #21981657

As a lot of you know, the casting process for the next season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Megaforce is well underway. With some of the cast already chosen, it’s coming down to the wire. But today, outrage has washed over the fandom that questions the racial views of Saban Brands.

Sundai Love, a hopeful for the cast of the next season of Power Rangers, tweeted about her rejection from the show and stated the reason given to her:

This isn’t the first time that Saban has been put on the spot for their choice in casting.

As many of you have heard before, back in the original season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, fans questioned why the Black Ranger had to be African-American and the Yellow Ranger had to be Asian. Saban seemed to try to rectify that by switching the roles in season 2 of MMPR, but it didn’t go unnoticed. There is a good chance that this as unintentional on their part. Mistakes do happen. And, the Power Rangers franchise itself has seen a lot of change in the casting of different actors from different backgrounds in various roles.

But, this recent incident sparks the question as to why there needs to be a certain quota of certain races in the cast of multi-colored spandex heroes. Being told that you have not been chosen because you weren’t right for the specific part or that another actor seemed a better fit for the role is one thing, its a part of the trade. You’re vying for a spot on a show against hundreds of other actors. Only one person can take that role. But, to be told that you were good but were not cast because there is another person on-board who is of the same race as you is completely wrong and inexcusable.

Actors should be cast for the part based off of their acting skills and chemistry with the rest of the crew. People shouldn’t be considered for a role just because the execs need to check a box off of their quota list. Look at seasons like Ninja Storm or Mystic Force. They seemed to cast people based off of their skills rather than the color of their skin. That’s how it should be. Choosing based off of skill. That’s what makes for a good show. It seems like Hollywood still doesn’t get it.

There are various organizations that can help give this issue more attention. RaceBending, a major fan-run organization, has had success in the past with these issues. Tweet them or any other group you know to help bring this issue to the forefront.

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